Source code for condor.record

from .bib import BibtexRecordParser, BibtexRecordIterator
from .froac import FroacRecordParser, FroacRecordIterator
from .isi import IsiRecordParser, IsiRecordIterator

[docs]def record_iterator_class(record_type): """ Gets the record iterator for a given type A way to abstract the construction of a record iterator class. :param record_type: the type of file as string :return: the appropriate record iterator class """ if record_type == 'bib': return BibtexRecordIterator elif record_type == 'froac' or record_type == 'xml': return FroacRecordIterator elif record_type == 'isi': return IsiRecordIterator else: raise ValueError("This type {} has not been implemented yet".format( record_type ))